Commercial Window Film Applied During Construction


Commercial window film like this is applied to construction sites.  It takes the place of putting paper or plywood over the windows.  The window film provides privacy.  It obscures the ability to see in but still allows natural light to the interior.  In a few months, when construction is complete, the film will be removed.  Customers for this outdoor gear and apparel store can look forward to the store opening.  The store front is attractive and does not distract from the pleasant shopping environment.  This window film is used primarily as a commercial window film installation.  It increases tenant satisfaction during the construction phase.  Surrounding businesses are not affected by looking at plywood or paper or construction tools. Commercial Window Film Applied During Construction on the Inside

Purposes For Applying this Type of Commercial Window Film:

  • Provides privacy during the construction phase of a project
  • Allows light to enter the work area
  • The storefront remains appealing
  • Can be removed when construction is complete
  • Is relatively inexpensive

Construction companies are beginning to frequently use this type of window film during the construction and or remodeling phase of their projects.  It looks so much better than the alternatives.

This type of commercial window films is one of the 3M Fasara films.  There are 59 finishes to choose from.  The film is made of a thin polyester.