Di-Noc Art Project


Solar Vision donated Di-Noc samples to an art project for children with disabilities.  The  art project was displayed in an art show in downtown Denver.  At the end of the show, the art piece was given to Solar Vision and is displayed in the Solar Vision office. Di-Noc Use

Di-Noc is an architectural finish that has many uses.  It takes the place of natural  and hi-tech finishes.  It  is considered to be a "Designer's Dream."  There are 500 different finishes.  Di-Noc reproduces wood, metal, marble, leather, stone and stucco.  If another surface is desired, it can be specially ordered.

The properties of Di-Noc include:

  • resistance to water, dirt, impacts, wear, abrasion and mold
  • no mess application-no dust, fumes, etc. resulting in no down time for workers
  • applied to flat and curved surfaces
  • easily cleaned
  • can be computer cut
  • flame retardant
  • some have antibacterial properties
  • architectural freedom and design

Di-Noc helps create green buildings by using materials that already exist and reuse them.  Walls, desks, etc. can be reused creating less land fill and saving company resources.  It  is less expensive than replacing the covered areas. If Di-Noc is applied during off hours.  The workers or customers leave and return to a place where the space with the Di-Noc has been transformed.  There is no dust to clean up and there are no fumes.  Di-Noc can be used in the interior or the exterior of a building.  This architectural finish is primarily used for commercial applications, but also can be used by residential customers.