Die-Cut Decorative Film


Solar Vision applies a lot of Die-Cut Decorative Film.  The film is applied in new construction sites as well as sites that are remodeled.  Most of the film we use is 3M Fasara Film.  The 3M Fasara is easy to work with and gives excellent results. Occasionally, we do apply other brands.  It all depends on the contractor, decorator, or owner.  Decorative film is used in place of etched or sandblasted glass because the expense is much less.  Also if styles change or a new company moves in the film can be professionally removed and replaced. Decorative Film Provides:

  • Privacy in offices or conference rooms.
  • Light from outside can still filter to other parts of the room.  People are more productive in natural light.
  • If their would be a natural or other physical event, the glass would be held together and there would not be flying shards of glass.
  • The decorative film creates a modern look and adds to the ambiance of the building
  • Consistent look throughout the building
  • Branding of company is established through out the area
  • Money savings
  • A creative environment is established which draws customers and increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

    Decorative Film at St. Anthony's

  • Decorative film application at St. Anthony's