Glass Finishes Can Turn Door Into White Board

The 3M Fasara Films are applied to glass to give them unique glass finishes.  A glass finish applied to this door turned it into a white board or message board.  Etched, cut, sandblasted, textured or other decorative glass finishes add beauty to any room.  These glass finishes are extremely expensive.  An alternative to these popular glass finishes is the use of decorative window film.  The window film provides privacy and beauty.  It can customize spaces while allowing light to enter a room. Why use 3M Fasara?

  • The film is relatively inexpensive.
  • It comes in 59 glass finishes.
  • The film is applied by experts in the field.
  • The application is durable, fast, and beautiful.
  • It is made of a thin, durable polyesters.
  • When styles change, it can be removed.
  • After 30 days, it can be cleaned like any other window.
  • It has a 3M 5 year warranty for thermal shock fractures.

3M Fasara Window Film can be used in offices, conference rooms, and lobbies. Retail stores, restaurants,and hospitality venues can use the decorative film.  These glass finishes can be used on partitions, showers, verandas and homes.  The film can be customized to give just the right amount of privacy, light, and decorative value.  The film can be computer cut for precision. Solar Vision has several people on its team that are very artistic and can free hand projects as well.  They have an eye for getting the installation just right. The Fasara glass finishes are primarily an interior film, but 2 of the films can be used on the exterior. The beautiful  space  gives a favorable impression to workers and clients.  The addition of the light that is allowed into the room instead of a solid partition adds to worker productivity.

The Matte glass finish used on this door is only a small example of what can be done with the film. Please view our other projects.