Hallmark Stores Remodel Using Di-Noc

Hallmark stores remodel with Di-Noc.  Hallmark stores are a national account held by Solar Vision. Before remodeling the look was dark.  After it is light and updated.

Hallmark Before Remodel


Hallmark After Remodel

Di-Noc is an architectural finish that has many uses.  It takes the place of natural  and hi-tech finishes.  It  is considered to be a "Designer's Dream."  There are now over 700 different finishes.  Di-Noc reproduces wood, metal, marble, leather, stone, stucco and more.  If another surface is desired, it can be specially ordered.

The properties of Di-Noc include:

  • resistance to water, dirt, impacts, wear, abrasion and mold
  • no mess application-no dust, fumes, etc. resulting in no down time for workers
  • applied to flat and curved surfaces
  • easily cleaned
  • can be computer cut
  • flame retardant
  • some have antibacterial properties
  • architectural freedom and design

Di-Noc helps create green buildings by using materials that already exist and reuse them. ( http://multimedia.3m.com) Walls, desks, etc. can be reused creating less land fill and saving company resources.  It  is less expensive than replacing the covered areas. If Di-Noc is applied during off hours, the workers or customers leave and return to a place where the space with the Di-Noc has been transformed.  There is no dust to clean up and there are no fumes.  Di-Noc can be used in the interior or the exterior of a building.  This architectural finish is primarily used for commercial applications.  It also can be used by residential customers. Some Di-Noc is specified for use outdoor.  Some is specified for use in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Solar Vision does installations for clients with multiple buildings spread across the United States. The Hallmark stores are one of those clients. Doing business with us makes it easy to get the film you need installed and to have it be consistent throughout the US. Procuring through one company means: ⦁ Consistent quality and workmanship ⦁ Best pricing available ⦁ The same look can be achieved for each of your sites. ⦁ Communicate with one person ⦁ Time saving Solar Vision has a proven track record completing projects for Hallmark and Sports Authority stores throughout the states.