caring for window film

Clean Filmed Windows

Clean filmed windows is an easy process.  You basically clean it as you would any window after 30 days. What to expect:

  • Window film takes a period of up to 30 days to dry and cure.
  • There may be a haze which will cause a visual distortion.
  • There may be small water beads or bubbles.
  • This is normal.  The haze or bubbles will disappear in a few days as the window film dries and cures.  The water used in installation needs to evaporate through the film during the curing process.
  • Cold weather may lengthen the time while warm weather will shorten the time.
  • Security films are thicker and take longer to dry.

Note:  The film may cure less than 30 days.  To be on the safe side to clean filmed windows, wait the 30 days.

What to use to clean your filmed windows:

  • A soft cloth or clean synthetic sponge is recommended to clean filmed windows.
  • To dry them use a soft cloth, paper towel or soft squeegee.
  • Most glass cleaners work well.
  • A good cleaning solution is 1/2 ounce of dish soap or baby shampoo in about a quart of water.  This is about one or two drops in a spray bottle.  You do not need much soap.

What to avoid:

  • The film has a scratch resistant coating not a scratch proof coating, so never use any abrasive material on the window.
  • Coarse paper towels may leave fine scratches on the film
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or abrasive sponges.
  • Do not use cleaning materials that are contaminated with dirt.  This might happen if you clean outside the windows and then use the same sponge to clean the inside filmed window.
  • Do not use industrial strength cleaners.
  • Do not use cleaning tools that may scratch the film, such as hard squeegees.
  • Products containing ammonia can be used but not in large quantities or often.

If you ever have any question about caring for your window film, please ask your installers or give Solar Vision a call.  We will happily give you the information you need.