construction sites

Die-Cut Decorative Film


Solar Vision applies a lot of Die-Cut Decorative Film.  The film is applied in new construction sites as well as sites that are remodeled.  Most of the film we use is 3M Fasara Film.  The 3M Fasara is easy to work with and gives excellent results. Occasionally, we do apply other brands.  It all depends on the contractor, decorator, or owner.  Decorative film is used in place of etched or sandblasted glass because the expense is much less.  Also if styles change or a new company moves in the film can be professionally removed and replaced. Decorative Film Provides:

  • Privacy in offices or conference rooms.
  • Light from outside can still filter to other parts of the room.  People are more productive in natural light.
  • If their would be a natural or other physical event, the glass would be held together and there would not be flying shards of glass.
  • The decorative film creates a modern look and adds to the ambiance of the building
  • Consistent look throughout the building
  • Branding of company is established through out the area
  • Money savings
  • A creative environment is established which draws customers and increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

    Decorative Film at St. Anthony's

  • Decorative film application at St. Anthony's

National Accounts


National Accounts across the United States have given our installers opportunities to see many things. In Philadelphia, they got to see the place that the movie "Rocky" made famous. They've been to Washington D.C. and drove down the Oregon coast from one job to the next. On a lonely road in Savannah, they came upon a crossroad with hundreds of cats. The cats were in trees and on the street everywhere. They have listened to the blues and country music in Virginia and Louisville. The song "I've Been Everywhere" by Geoff Mack and made popular by Johnny Cash seems appropriate to their experience. (They did travel by plane though.)

I've Been Everywhere by Geoff Mack I was totin' my pack along the dusty Winnemucca road, When along came a semi with a high an' canvas-covered load. "If you're goin' to Winnemucca, Mack, with me you can ride." And so I climbed into the cab and then I settled down inside. He asked me if I'd seen a road with so much dust and sand. And I said, "Listen, I've traveled every road in this here land!"

[Chorus:] I've been everywhere, man. I've been everywhere, man. Crossed the desert's bare, man. I've breathed the mountain air, man. Of travel I've had my share, man. I've been everywhere.

I've been to: Boston, Charleston, Dayton, Louisiana, Washington, Houston, Philadelphia, Portlandia, Louisville, Nashville, Knoxville, Minnesota, Glen Rock, Black Rock, Little Rock, Oskaloosa, Tennessee to Davenport, Spirit Lake, Grand Lake, Devils Lake, Salt Lake, for Pete's sake.

Solar Vision carries national accounts. The team travels all over the United States. Solar Vision does installations for clients with multiple buildings spread across the United States. Doing business with us makes it easy to get the film you need installed and to have it be consistent throughout the US. In situations where union membership is required, Solar Vision acquires local installers for the job. Solar Vision makes all the arrangements and still assures the quality of the work. This past month teams have been in New Hampshire and Daytona Beach, Florida. Procuring through one company means: ⦁ Consistent quality and workmanship ⦁ Best pricing available ⦁ The same look can be achieved for each of your sites. ⦁ Communicate with one person ⦁ Time saving Solar Vision has a proven track record completing projects for Hallmark and Sports Authority stores throughout the states.

Hallmark Store Remodeling Project with Architectural Film

Di-Noc Used at the Sports Authority Elite Store

Commercial Window Film Applied During Construction


Commercial window film like this is applied to construction sites.  It takes the place of putting paper or plywood over the windows.  The window film provides privacy.  It obscures the ability to see in but still allows natural light to the interior.  In a few months, when construction is complete, the film will be removed.  Customers for this outdoor gear and apparel store can look forward to the store opening.  The store front is attractive and does not distract from the pleasant shopping environment.  This window film is used primarily as a commercial window film installation.  It increases tenant satisfaction during the construction phase.  Surrounding businesses are not affected by looking at plywood or paper or construction tools. Commercial Window Film Applied During Construction on the Inside

Purposes For Applying this Type of Commercial Window Film:

  • Provides privacy during the construction phase of a project
  • Allows light to enter the work area
  • The storefront remains appealing
  • Can be removed when construction is complete
  • Is relatively inexpensive

Construction companies are beginning to frequently use this type of window film during the construction and or remodeling phase of their projects.  It looks so much better than the alternatives.

This type of commercial window films is one of the 3M Fasara films.  There are 59 finishes to choose from.  The film is made of a thin polyester.