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Light Pollution in the Mountains


Window Film can reduce light pollution in the Mountains.  Excessive light in rural and mountain areas have far ranging affects on flora and fauna as well as animals, reptiles, insects and birds.  According to Winslow Briggs's book, Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting, exposure to artificial light can prevent trees from adjusting to seasonal changes.  This affects the wildlife that use the trees as their natural habitat.  Light confuses birds in their migratory habits.  Frogs stop calling their mates.  Some animals will stay hidden longer and that reduces the time they have to hunt for food.  There are many studies that prove the affects of light pollution. ( Though light pollution in the mountains may affect the environment, it is also the easiest one to solve.  All that needs to be done is be aware of it and do things to turn off and/or turn down the light that is being put out by our living spaces.

More and more people are moving to the mountains, because they love being in nature and because of the spectacular views.  One might think, one home on the side of the mountain won't  harm anything.  Flood lights or lights left on all night may be on to show the beauty of the home or because one feels safer if they can see outside, but these lights may disturb wildlife.  Homes are also being built with lots of glass, because of the views and trends in architecture. This extra light also affects the natural environment.

Some solutions are:

  • Don't have on more light at night than you need.
  • Window film on the windows can reduce the light from the windows by 45%-50%
  • Put other coverings on windows as well, i.e. shades, drapes, etc.
  • Use low wattage lighting outside
  • Have motion sensor lighting outside
  • Have shades that slope down on outside lighting

Solar Vision's experts will help you choose the film that will emit the least amount of light and still meet your needs for enhanced beauty, energy savings, safety, and protection from UV rays.

Anti-Spy Window Film

Anti-Spy window film is blocks wifi and cell phone signals.  It is made up of aluminum and titanium sputter coated polyester in several layers. It has a scratch resistant coating.  According to the Standard Test Method for Measuring the Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Planar Materials, it is 90-99% effective.  Natural light still enters the room. Businesses that have a lot of glass and use wireless devices are susceptible to being targeted by people who know how to get into their systems.

Anti-Spy window film can:

  • Help prevent credit card fraud
  • Eliminate the outside use of wireless internet connections
  • Prevent corporate espionage
  • Help stop eavesdropping by hackers
  • Reduce the signal signature of a building

Wifi signals can go through walls, but most go through windows.  Architectural trends show that more and bigger windows are being put in offices all the time.  Along with that, the use of wireless signals has also increased and will continue to do so.  These things combined increase security risks.  Reflective window film reduces leakage.

To increase its effectiveness a metal strip can be placed around the gap between the film and the window frame.  No window film application can be done with no gap between the film and the frame though the gap is small.  1/8 inch is an acceptable application.

Solar Vision is experienced in applying this type of window film.



Trends in Commercial Architecture

Trends in commercial architecture include lots of glass. Glass walls are bigger than ever.  Glass walls create lots of opportunities to use natural light and open spaces.  Along with these glass walls, come new innovative uses in design using 3M Fasara frosted and decorative window films.  These films allow in light while adding just the amount of privacy wanted by the inhabitants.  The design elements are limited only by the imagination. ( Not only does the decorative films allow light and beauty in these spaces, they also add safety.  The film lets someone know the glass is there and will not be walked into.  In case a window is broken the fragments will hold together.

The glass with film is easy to care for.  It can be cleaned as any other glass after 30 days.  A plus is that finger prints do not readily show.


Frost Film Used for Privacy

Frost film used for privacy on these windows.  Sometimes blackout film is an option.  The frost film lets in natural light while the blackout film blocks all of the light.  These pictures show how the film looks from the inside and from the outside.  The client was very pleased  with the result.

Linen 3M Fasara Film


Linen  3M Fasara Film was applied to glass pieces and shipped to the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas.  The film has a texture of white coarsely woven linen.  Linen SH2FGLN gives a soft, natural look.  The film was applied to the glass and then covered with another sandwiching it in between the 2 pieces of glass.  This type of glass can be bought with real linen but is extremely costly.  The film gives the glass the same look. Linen Fasara Applied in Shop

The Linen Fasara Film is one of more than 50 types of Fasara Film.  It resembles Japanese Rice Paper.  The film combines eastern design and today's technology to create a tranquil and very classy modern look.  The Fabric Japanese Rice Paper family of 3M Window film has patterns with the look and feel of fabric or Japanese Rice Paper.  They have the look of etched, cut, textured or sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost. The film is used in most cases on glass already present.  Glass does not have to be removed and replaced with a custom glass.  They also give privacy and light still enters the room.  The films provide UV protection as well filtering out more than 99 percent of the UV Rays.

Decorator Uses:

  • Glass partitions
  • Window panes
  • Can be die cut
  • Can be used on whole glass partition or customized
  • Use limited only by imagination
  • Used as an interior film only

Linen Look Fasara was applied in the shop to be shipped

Fasara 3M Films should be installed by professionals.  When they are applied, they are Considered permanent solutions.  When designs needs change, they can be removed and replaced.

This decorative film offers:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Privacy or can hide places less attractive
  • Reduces fading from UV
  • Protects occupants from broken or flying glass
  • Is cost effective
  • Gives the working or living space an element of design and uniqueness

Visit with our Solar Vision specialists to let us help you bring your design vision to a reality.


School Comfort and Window Film

School classrooms that are  comfortable are more conducive to learning.  The first consideration for window film is school safety. (See previous article)  Window film can be used in a number of ways to improve school comfort, make learning easier, and save energy as well. Comfort and Energy Savings

During my 34 years of teaching, I have been in a number of buildings.  All of those buildings have had hot spots.  There are rooms where the sunlight coming into the room is unbearable during certain parts of the day. It is distracting to be in a classroom that is overly hot. To keep those rooms at a temperature that is somewhat comfortable, the air conditioning has to be turned up. Many of the rooms in the school are then too cold and students need their sweaters or just shiver.  A hot room does not help students concentrate on their studies nor does a cold one. More schools are going to a year round schedule, so they have to deal with even more summer heat.  Solar Control Window film applied to classroom windows reduce the heat entering the room.  Not having to lower the thermostat, saves energy.  In winter, the film acts as an extra insulator on the window.  Savings is realized in the winter also.  The US Department of Energy says a third of a building's cooling comes from solar gain through the windows.  Window film will make the windows more efficient.  (

Window film also eliminates glare on whiteboards.  The film protects occupants from harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer.  Some rooms may require a combination of window film and blinds.  When the blinds do not have to be closed, natural light enters the classroom.  Students learn better in natural light. Eyes get less tired.

We know that students learn better in natural light.  Attendance and behavior is also improved. ( Window film still allows natural light.  A new 3M Window Film is 3M Daylight Redirecting Film.  If you have just the right space, the film brings in more light at the top of the window and redirects it to the room.  This lessens the need for artificial light.

Mirrors or Perforated Graphics

I worked in some areas where we took data on the behavior of students.  Graphics or mirrors can be put on  the window to observe students undetected.  The graphics are made with tiny dots. On one side you see a picture.  On the other side you can see through.  A mirrored film can be put on a window and from the other side observations can be made.  This could work well when the dean's office has a window to the cafeteria.  The possibilities are endless in the school.

Smart or Switchable Film

A smart film can be turned on and off.  When it is on the film is frosted.  When it is off the window is clear.  Think of the many uses for offices like the principal's office. He/She can see what is going on when it is off and can have privacy when he needs it for conferences with parents, teachers, students, etc.

Sports Viewing Rooms

Black out film can be used in athletic viewing rooms to eliminate screen glare.  Solar Vision has installed this at a number of colleges and universities.


A film that is not a window film, but is an architectural film is Di-Noc.  Some Di-Noc contains silver which cuts down on the growth of bacteria.  In areas, such as the nurses office and preschool classrooms, the film applied to smooth walls may help reduce the spread of germs.

Solar Vision can do a study of how window film can save energy and help you plan ways to use window and architectural films in your school.  If you would like a study done, give us a call at 303-862-6376 or e-mail us at


3M Fasara Decorative/Privacy Film Application


3M Fasara Decorative/Privacy Film adds privacy to this work space.  It is a good way to reduce distractions in the workplace. The 3M Fasara Film also lets in natural light reducing the need for extra lighthing.  See the difference the film makes to these windows. Windows Before the Privacy Film Was Applied

Fasara Film comes in 59 different designs.  They take the place of textured, sandblasted, etched, cut or other decorative glass for a fraction of the cost of decorative glass.  The film provides privacy and adds beauty to a room.  It can be customized by adding extra light or design.

Benefits of Using the 3M Fasara Decorative/Privacy Film Include:

  • It is relatively inexpensive compared to decorative glass.
  • There is a large variety of styles to choose from.
  • After 30 days, it can be cleaned just like you would any other window.
  • If styles change, it can be removed and left clear or replaced with another style of film.
  • If there is an event which causes the window to break, the pieces will hold together. Injuries from flying glass will be prevented.
  • The application is durable, fast, and beautiful.
  • 3M and Solar Vision stands behind their product with a 5 year warranty for thermal shock damage.

How Can the 3M Fasara Window Film Be Used:

3M Fasara Decorative/Privacy Film can be used in offices, conference rooms, and lobbies. Retail stores, restaurants,and hospitality venues can use the decorative film.  These glass finishes can be used on partitions, showers, verandas and homes.  The film can be customized to give just the right amount of privacy, light, and decorative value.  The film can be computer cut for precision. The Fasara glass finishes are primarily an interior film, but 2 of the films can be used on the exterior. A beautiful  space  gives a favorable impression to workers and clients.  The addition of the light that is allowed into the room instead of a solid partition adds to worker productivity.

Glass Finishes Can Turn Door Into White Board

The 3M Fasara Films are applied to glass to give them unique glass finishes.  A glass finish applied to this door turned it into a white board or message board.  Etched, cut, sandblasted, textured or other decorative glass finishes add beauty to any room.  These glass finishes are extremely expensive.  An alternative to these popular glass finishes is the use of decorative window film.  The window film provides privacy and beauty.  It can customize spaces while allowing light to enter a room. Why use 3M Fasara?

  • The film is relatively inexpensive.
  • It comes in 59 glass finishes.
  • The film is applied by experts in the field.
  • The application is durable, fast, and beautiful.
  • It is made of a thin, durable polyesters.
  • When styles change, it can be removed.
  • After 30 days, it can be cleaned like any other window.
  • It has a 3M 5 year warranty for thermal shock fractures.

3M Fasara Window Film can be used in offices, conference rooms, and lobbies. Retail stores, restaurants,and hospitality venues can use the decorative film.  These glass finishes can be used on partitions, showers, verandas and homes.  The film can be customized to give just the right amount of privacy, light, and decorative value.  The film can be computer cut for precision. Solar Vision has several people on its team that are very artistic and can free hand projects as well.  They have an eye for getting the installation just right. The Fasara glass finishes are primarily an interior film, but 2 of the films can be used on the exterior. The beautiful  space  gives a favorable impression to workers and clients.  The addition of the light that is allowed into the room instead of a solid partition adds to worker productivity.

The Matte glass finish used on this door is only a small example of what can be done with the film. Please view our other projects.


Commercial Window Film Applied During Construction


Commercial window film like this is applied to construction sites.  It takes the place of putting paper or plywood over the windows.  The window film provides privacy.  It obscures the ability to see in but still allows natural light to the interior.  In a few months, when construction is complete, the film will be removed.  Customers for this outdoor gear and apparel store can look forward to the store opening.  The store front is attractive and does not distract from the pleasant shopping environment.  This window film is used primarily as a commercial window film installation.  It increases tenant satisfaction during the construction phase.  Surrounding businesses are not affected by looking at plywood or paper or construction tools. Commercial Window Film Applied During Construction on the Inside

Purposes For Applying this Type of Commercial Window Film:

  • Provides privacy during the construction phase of a project
  • Allows light to enter the work area
  • The storefront remains appealing
  • Can be removed when construction is complete
  • Is relatively inexpensive

Construction companies are beginning to frequently use this type of window film during the construction and or remodeling phase of their projects.  It looks so much better than the alternatives.

This type of commercial window films is one of the 3M Fasara films.  There are 59 finishes to choose from.  The film is made of a thin polyester.