operations manager

Operations Manager-Lucinda Costello


Lucinda Costello is Solar Vision's new operations manager.  Lucinda is our day-to-day organizational, logistical, and operational manager. She keeps Solar Vision Inc. on-time and ensures that we have all the 3M products ready and available to complete our customers' jobs.  When you call Solar Vision, she is most likely the person you will talk to. Prior to her Solar Vision career, Lucinda worked in many facets of warehouse and office management and sales.

Lucinda has lived all over the U.S. including San Francisco, Florida and Wyoming.  Her family settled in Colorado and she attended high school in Denver.  Her favorite vacation trip was to Thailand where she was able to experience a very different culture and beauty.

Aside from working full-time at Solar Vision Inc., Lucinda has a 2 year old to keep her busy.  She enjoys keeping a beautiful home for her husband, son, and step-daughter. Her tastes run on a traditional line and she likes to try new things.  Lucinda would like to try learning upholstery and she has mentioned learning to quilt as well.  She doesn't really enjoy cooking.  When she does it, she does it well.  Lucinda is a big fan of window film and has used and is planning to use the film on several projects in her home to add privacy and beauty as well as for sun and glare control.

Lucinda and her husband, Josh, volunteer working with the youth in their church.  They realize the importance of teens having an adult that they can connect with and for them to have an adult to be a positive influence in their lives.

Solar Vision is so fortunate to have Lucinda be part of their team.