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Home Window Tinting

It's that time of year again, it's starting to warm up, and the sun is staying out longer. There are many reasons to have film added to your homes windows, but the number one concern we hear from our customers is heat. In spite of our best efforts…air conditioning, blinds, curtains, it still might not be enough! This is where home window tinting can help.

Home window tinting can lower your overall utility cost by blocking up to 50% of the heat entering through your homes windows, and since the film is absorbing that heat you can leave the blinds open longer. Think about it, why have windows in the first place if the blinds are closed, and the curtains are drawn all day, we might as well build windowless homes. That'd be super-efficient, but not very attractive. Adding a 3M solar control window film to your homes windows will allow you to open the curtains and enjoy your natural light and views again.

Other benefits of home window tinting are less fading, and less glare. We spend so much time choosing furniture, flooring, and window coverings, it would be a shame to allow all of those costly items to deteriorate quickly. Adding a 3M solar control window film to your homes windows will drastically slow down the fading and damage caused by UV Rays. Think of what the sun’s rays can do to your skin? They cause the same damage to your home and furnishings, only much quicker.

Home window tinting can also drastically reduce the glare in your home. If you have glare issues and trouble seeing your computer screen, or worse yet your television, our 3M solar control window films can help with that too.

There are many reason to add 3M window film to your home. It's a no brainer, call Solar Vision Inc. 303-862-6376 today for a free estimate, and learn how you can cool off your home, protect your furniture, and reduce glare.


3M Prestige 50 window film application in Morrison, CO.

3M Prestige 50 window film application in Morrison, CO.

Light Pollution in the Mountains


Window Film can reduce light pollution in the Mountains.  Excessive light in rural and mountain areas have far ranging affects on flora and fauna as well as animals, reptiles, insects and birds.  According to Winslow Briggs's book, Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting, exposure to artificial light can prevent trees from adjusting to seasonal changes.  This affects the wildlife that use the trees as their natural habitat.  Light confuses birds in their migratory habits.  Frogs stop calling their mates.  Some animals will stay hidden longer and that reduces the time they have to hunt for food.  There are many studies that prove the affects of light pollution. ( Though light pollution in the mountains may affect the environment, it is also the easiest one to solve.  All that needs to be done is be aware of it and do things to turn off and/or turn down the light that is being put out by our living spaces.

More and more people are moving to the mountains, because they love being in nature and because of the spectacular views.  One might think, one home on the side of the mountain won't  harm anything.  Flood lights or lights left on all night may be on to show the beauty of the home or because one feels safer if they can see outside, but these lights may disturb wildlife.  Homes are also being built with lots of glass, because of the views and trends in architecture. This extra light also affects the natural environment.

Some solutions are:

  • Don't have on more light at night than you need.
  • Window film on the windows can reduce the light from the windows by 45%-50%
  • Put other coverings on windows as well, i.e. shades, drapes, etc.
  • Use low wattage lighting outside
  • Have motion sensor lighting outside
  • Have shades that slope down on outside lighting

Solar Vision's experts will help you choose the film that will emit the least amount of light and still meet your needs for enhanced beauty, energy savings, safety, and protection from UV rays.

Solar Control for Apartment Living


Solar Control for apartment living can be achieved through the use of a variety of solar control window films.  I have seen a number of apartments that get a lot of sun have all kinds of things in their windows to make it more comfortable.  I've seen cardboard, newspaper, sheets, and even a mattress.  Rental  property owners may ignore this or pose fines, but ultimately it affects the value of the property.  Solar control window films can greatly reduce the amount of sun and glare coming into a room.  Because it eliminates 99% of the UV rays, furnishings are not damaged.  It has the added protection of reducing the risk of skin cancer. Apartments usually are fitted with single layered glass.  Applying window film will give the window the effect of being double layered glass.  This would result in energy savings.  If a rental property company is energy conscious, it could advertise as making these changes to help save energy.  Solar control window film is especially valuable in those areas that get direct sunlight especially in the loft apartments on the top floors.

Window film is an relatively inexpensive way to make apartment living more comfortable.  Window film is easy to clean.  It is cleaned as any other window after 30 days.

Solar Control Window Film Applied to Apartment Building

3M Night Vision 15

3M Night Vision 15 was applied to windows in this home in Arrowhead.  3M Night Vision 15 is used when the clients want a darker film that lets in the least amount of light.  The views from this gorgeous mountain home are still maintained.  The film helps the occupants to be more comfortable in their home and blinds or other coverings may not be needed.  This depends on the amount of light entering the home and the desires of the owners.  In some cases, blinds may still be needed during certain times of the day. ( Night Vision 15 is the darkest of the Night Vision Series.  Its low reflectivity leaves the view from the home more clearer than ever.  This is wonderful especially in homes which are purchased because of the spectacular views in mountain homes.

3M Night Vision:

  • Is easy to maintain
  • Can be cleaned as any other window after 30 days
  • Does not inhibit wifi or other electronic signals
  • Gives daytime privacy, with the ability to see out at night
  • Rejects up to 71% of heat
  • Reduces glare
  • Reduces fading of furnishings and eliminates 99% of harmful UV Rays
  • Lets in 35% of light into the home
  • Has an abrasion resistant coating for added durability
  • Is covered by 3M warranties

3M Prestige 60

3M Prestige 60 was applied to this home.  The film was applied to the bottom window and the top window had not been applied yet.  This is a picture that represents well how the view of a window is maintained.  3M Prestige 60 is the ultimate in window film technology.  It consists of over 200 layers and is as thin as paper.  The technology used is called nanotechnology.  The folds cannot even be seen using a microscope.  These folds bend and catch light to create a film that produces the effects out clients want. ( 3M Prestige 60:

  • Reduces the amount of energy used to cool a home
  • Eliminates over 99% of UV rays which damages furnishings and is a cause for skin cancer
  • Is less reflective than class, so it enhances views
  • Is nonmetallic and does not interfere with cell phone or wifi signals
  • Increases personal safety by  holding together shards of glass in the event of something that would cause the glass to shatter

3M Prestige 60 is covered by the 3M Lifetime Warranty.

Colorado and Company


Shelley did a fantastic job talking about Solar Vision and 3M Window Film on Colorado and Company. Heath and Ben did the installation on the video and Lucinda did the sales. A special thanks to Lisa and Steve Strother who let us film in their home and to Lisa who was interviewed.Shelley demonstrated with a heat source in a box and glass with 3M Prestige window film applied, other window film, and glass with no film. She showed how well the 3M Prestige window film performs.

3M Residential Warranty


3M has a residential limited lifetime quality promise.  The warranty applies to the purchaser as long as he/she lives and owns the home.  It can not be transferred to the next owner. The warranty for the 3M Sun Control Window Film promises to:

  • Keep its solar reflective properties without cracking, crazing, or peeling
  • Keep its adhesion properties without blistering, bubbling, or delaminating from the glass
  • Keep its appearance without discoloration

If the product is found to be defective under the warranty, 3M will:

  • Replace the quantity of film that is defective
  • Provide removal and reapplication with the labor being free of charge

The 3M residential warranty is also for glass failure due to thermal shock fracture or seal failure for up to $500 per window.  The glass failure would need to be a result of the application of 3M Sun Control Film as long as the film is applied to the recommended types of glass and the glass failure is reported to the Seller within the specified time from the start of the installation.  See specific warranty for these time frames.

Glass failure covered by this warranty must be reviewed by the Seller prior to repair, and only covers film and glass replacement.

A claim is made to the dealer from whom the film was purchased or to 3M.

The warranty is void if the product has been given improper care such as the use of abrasives to clean the window.  The care recommendations are sent to the purchaser and is also at the bottom of the warranty information.  The care instructions are also in a previous Solar Vision blog and/or is easily found on the Internet.  (

In comparing other window film warranties to the 3M residential warranties, most are similar to each other.  As far as I could find, none surpass the 3M warranty.  3M has a reputation of standing behind their products.  You can trust the 3M brand.


3M Window Film Saves Art Studio


3M Window Film saves art studio located on an Iowa historical farm.  When straight line winds hit the farm house, the windows in the art studio located in the southeast corner of the home cracked.  The windows, however, held together because of the window film.  If the rain had gotten in the house, precious art work which could not be replaced and expensive art supplies would have been lost.  The window also stayed in place for a period of time until the window could be replaced.  Injury and damage due to flying shards of glass was eliminated. The owner is an artist and interior decorator.  She knew that her antiques, furnishings and artwork was being protected everyday from the harmful effects of UV Rays by the window film applied to all windows of the house.  The film also reduced glare and provided privacy.  The windows did not have to be covered with drapes.  The beautiful landscape of this home was not diminished by blinds or other window coverings.  She was also able to use less energy in cooling her home. The window film provides extra insulation to the windows. For example, if you have single-paned window, the film would make the window perform like a double-paned window.

The owner is so thankful she had the window film applied to her windows.  The loss due the weather event would have been great.  Insurance can't replace property with sentimental value or creative property.

3M Window Film Saves Art Studio

3M Fasara Decorative/Privacy Film Application


3M Fasara Decorative/Privacy Film adds privacy to this work space.  It is a good way to reduce distractions in the workplace. The 3M Fasara Film also lets in natural light reducing the need for extra lighthing.  See the difference the film makes to these windows. Windows Before the Privacy Film Was Applied

Fasara Film comes in 59 different designs.  They take the place of textured, sandblasted, etched, cut or other decorative glass for a fraction of the cost of decorative glass.  The film provides privacy and adds beauty to a room.  It can be customized by adding extra light or design.

Benefits of Using the 3M Fasara Decorative/Privacy Film Include:

  • It is relatively inexpensive compared to decorative glass.
  • There is a large variety of styles to choose from.
  • After 30 days, it can be cleaned just like you would any other window.
  • If styles change, it can be removed and left clear or replaced with another style of film.
  • If there is an event which causes the window to break, the pieces will hold together. Injuries from flying glass will be prevented.
  • The application is durable, fast, and beautiful.
  • 3M and Solar Vision stands behind their product with a 5 year warranty for thermal shock damage.

How Can the 3M Fasara Window Film Be Used:

3M Fasara Decorative/Privacy Film can be used in offices, conference rooms, and lobbies. Retail stores, restaurants,and hospitality venues can use the decorative film.  These glass finishes can be used on partitions, showers, verandas and homes.  The film can be customized to give just the right amount of privacy, light, and decorative value.  The film can be computer cut for precision. The Fasara glass finishes are primarily an interior film, but 2 of the films can be used on the exterior. A beautiful  space  gives a favorable impression to workers and clients.  The addition of the light that is allowed into the room instead of a solid partition adds to worker productivity.

Continuous Improvement

SV_logo_wp At Solar Vision's Annual Meeting, past successes were celebrated and plans  for future growth were made.  Solar Vision exceeded their goals this past year in window film sales.  The 3M Dealer of the Year was received for the Rocky Mountain and Northwest Regions.  Goals for the 2014 were discussed and shared with the Solar Vision team.

Goals for 2014 Include:

  • 20% increase in sales
  • Increase residential window film sales to 25% of total sales
  • Continue to educate the public on the benefits of window film in their energy management plans
  • Build efficient systems
  • Develop and improve marketing strategies

Continuous Improvement Seminar

In the afternoon, Brent Kube led a seminar on Continuous Improvement.  Brent is a small business consultant and a mechanical engineer for a large machinery manufacturer.  His expertise is in lean manufacturing which means that operations should be cost effective and efficient to make things run smoother and to ultimately be more profitable. This also means that Solar Vision is constantly aware of energy efficiency.

Continuous Improvement is based on making many small changes.  The ideas for improvement come from the workers.  All employees continually seek ways to improve their own performance.  Employees make suggestions on how things can run smoother and more efficiently.  When employees know that their ideas are valued, they take ownership in the company which makes workers highly motivated and satisfied with their job.  The end result is that everyone makes more money.

Brent Kube-Small Business Consultant

Brainstorming Session

As a part of the seminar, brainstorming  activities were carried out by Heath and Shelley.  Everyone seemed to have a clear vision of the future and strategies and systems are being put in place to meet our goals.  The Continuous Improvement business strategy is a good fit for Solar Vision because of our clear goals, respect in the workplace, environment management, and progressive view of business operation in the 21st Century.