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White Out Window Film


White Out Window Film can be used instead of Black Out Window Film to completely block out the view.  The film does let in some light.  In this case the film is used to block a door that is no longer used as an entrance.  The white would still be an attractive backdrop for displays and would help gain product display area.  The white out also eliminates glare in the space.  In homes, this film is often used in door sidelights. White Out Window Film was used at Kirkland's

White Out Window Film:

  • Blocks 99% of vision
  • Let's in some light
  • Reduces glare and fading of furnishings
  • Rejects 99% of UV rays
  • Is easy to clean like any other window after 30 days
  • Is attractive
  • Adds privacy

New Technology in Window Film

New technology in window film makes for a bright future in the business of window film.  Presently, energy saving films and decorative films are hot and that market is continuing to grow as well as new advancements in these films.  Four films have been developed and their use is becoming more present in buildings.  By 2020, it is predicted that these films will be used on a large scale.  (www.technicalwindowfilms.co.uk/window-tinting-news/future-window-films/) The four films are:

  • Photochromic film which darkens when exposed to light like transition eyeglasses.
  • Smart glass or electrochromatic changes from a clear glass to a frosted glass or a colored glass with an electrical current.  The current is controlled by a switch, a computer, or even a cell phone.  This can add privacy to an office, conference room, etc.  Another example is film applied in a lobby that is controlled by a computer to change to a darker film when the light is bright and then lighter or clear when it gets dark.
  • Photovoltaic film converts daylight into electricity.
  • Daylighting or Daylight redirecting film allows more light in at the top of the glass and directs it into the room reducing the need for electric lighting.  Presently, a metal shelf can be used for this, but the film is much more attractive and easy to clean.

Solar Vision, Inc is keeping well informed about these new technologies to bring its customers the best available product.

Window Film Reduces Light Pollution

Window film can reduce light pollution.  Depending on the type of film, Visual Light Transmittance can be reduced by 45%-50%. According to Global Trends and Implications for Downtown Denver, a paper prepared by Progressive Urban Management Associates in 2006, 3 billion people lived in cities and by 2050 6 billion people will be living in cities.  The implications for energy consumption, transportation, food, and environmental protection caused by this rapid urban expansion makes the need for sustainability  critical.

The management of artificial light is one of the many areas urban planners must prepare for.

Light pollution causes:

  • Sky glow which is the light surrounding the urban skies is caused by over illumination of commercial spaces and poorly planned street and building lights. The stars are difficult to see in urban areas.
  • Light trespass is the light from a building shining into another building.  It may be difficult to sleep in an apartment building next to a building that has a lot of light during the night.
  • Endangerment to wildlife who are confused by the light.  Nocturnal animals do not hunt or mate as they are meant to.  More animals are in danger of becoming extinct.
  • Human health is being affected.  Vision, headaches, hypertension, and an increased chance of developing cancer are some of the health issues.  Sleep is disrupted by the light and melatonin is decreased. (physics.fau.edu/observatory/lightpol-environment.html)

There are things that city planners and all of us can do to decrease light pollution.  One of them is to apply window tint to windows that meets 45% inside to outside visible light transmittance and/or use window treatments.  On a beach in Florida, new construction is required to put in windows that meet the 45% requirement because sea turtles are confused by the light and go inland instead of going out to sea.  People that already have homes are helping to save the turtles by retrofitting their windows with window film to meet the requirement. (Thisbigcity.net)

Window film meets LEED Certification requirements in this area and is worth 1 point toward building certification.

Credit 7:  Light Pollution Reduction (1 point)

Intent: Eliminate light trespass from the building and site, improve night sky access and reduce development impact on nocturnal environment.

Denver is a city that is at the forefront of working to make sustainable urban environments.  Denver is also experiencing rapid urban growth.  The challenges in keeping up with all the facets of urban growth is being met by our city leaders and urban planners with great care.


Anti-Spy Window Film

Anti-Spy window film is blocks wifi and cell phone signals.  It is made up of aluminum and titanium sputter coated polyester in several layers. It has a scratch resistant coating.  According to the Standard Test Method for Measuring the Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Planar Materials, it is 90-99% effective.  Natural light still enters the room. Businesses that have a lot of glass and use wireless devices are susceptible to being targeted by people who know how to get into their systems.

Anti-Spy window film can:

  • Help prevent credit card fraud
  • Eliminate the outside use of wireless internet connections
  • Prevent corporate espionage
  • Help stop eavesdropping by hackers
  • Reduce the signal signature of a building

Wifi signals can go through walls, but most go through windows.  Architectural trends show that more and bigger windows are being put in offices all the time.  Along with that, the use of wireless signals has also increased and will continue to do so.  These things combined increase security risks.  Reflective window film reduces leakage.

To increase its effectiveness a metal strip can be placed around the gap between the film and the window frame.  No window film application can be done with no gap between the film and the frame though the gap is small.  1/8 inch is an acceptable application.

Solar Vision is experienced in applying this type of window film.



Trends in Commercial Architecture

Trends in commercial architecture include lots of glass. Glass walls are bigger than ever.  Glass walls create lots of opportunities to use natural light and open spaces.  Along with these glass walls, come new innovative uses in design using 3M Fasara frosted and decorative window films.  These films allow in light while adding just the amount of privacy wanted by the inhabitants.  The design elements are limited only by the imagination. (solutions.3m.com) Not only does the decorative films allow light and beauty in these spaces, they also add safety.  The film lets someone know the glass is there and will not be walked into.  In case a window is broken the fragments will hold together.

The glass with film is easy to care for.  It can be cleaned as any other glass after 30 days.  A plus is that finger prints do not readily show.


Frost Film Used for Privacy

Frost film used for privacy on these windows.  Sometimes blackout film is an option.  The frost film lets in natural light while the blackout film blocks all of the light.  These pictures show how the film looks from the inside and from the outside.  The client was very pleased  with the result.

Solar Control for Apartment Living


Solar Control for apartment living can be achieved through the use of a variety of solar control window films.  I have seen a number of apartments that get a lot of sun have all kinds of things in their windows to make it more comfortable.  I've seen cardboard, newspaper, sheets, and even a mattress.  Rental  property owners may ignore this or pose fines, but ultimately it affects the value of the property.  Solar control window films can greatly reduce the amount of sun and glare coming into a room.  Because it eliminates 99% of the UV rays, furnishings are not damaged.  It has the added protection of reducing the risk of skin cancer. Apartments usually are fitted with single layered glass.  Applying window film will give the window the effect of being double layered glass.  This would result in energy savings.  If a rental property company is energy conscious, it could advertise as making these changes to help save energy.  Solar control window film is especially valuable in those areas that get direct sunlight especially in the loft apartments on the top floors.

Window film is an relatively inexpensive way to make apartment living more comfortable.  Window film is easy to clean.  It is cleaned as any other window after 30 days.

Solar Control Window Film Applied to Apartment Building

3M Film Uses in Hotels

3M film uses in hotels are many.  Window film can provide energy savings, comfort, and added safety and security.  Architectural films can provide beauty and give the hotel a unique look.  The creative environment is limited only by one's imagination. Safety and Security is enhanced by using a safety and security film to prevent break-ins.  In vulnerable areas, the film will prevent intruders from breaking a glass to get in the building.  Often hotels are in places without a lot of people around, so this would give extra security to a building.  Another way 3M window film can add to security is that if there would be an event such as strong winds, hail, etc. which could break the glass, the glass would hold together and not allow shards of glass to fly and cause injury.  If a hotel is in an area where there is graffiti, anti-graffiti film can be applied to the glass protecting it from paint, acid, scratching.  The film acts as a sacrificial layer which takes the graffiti and can be removed. (solutions.3m.com)

Solar Control can be achieved through 3M Window film.  Glare can be greatly reduced.  Heating and air conditioning costs can be reduced with the application of one of 3M's variety of solar control films.  UV rays are reduced by most films by 99 % eliminating the harmful effects of the UV rays on carpeting, drapes, art, furniture and other furnishings.

Decorative Films can be used in the building to make updated creative environments.  Graphics on film can put any picture on a wall at any size.  Fasara films can be used to add privacy and beauty.  The films can be die-cut or custom printed. Di-Noc can be used to remake surfaces such as pine into teak or paint into marble. There are hundreds of surfaces to choose from.

Solar Vision's Mission Statement is to inspire a passion for and generate living and working environments that are comfortable, safe, energy efficient and innovative.  Let Solar Vision's staff inspire you.

Window Film Uses in Churches


Window film uses in churches add to their beauty, safety, and energy efficiency. There are few things more beautiful than a stained glass window.  The window creates a worshipful environment and help to set the tone in the church building.  Stained glass is very expensive and not all churches have the resources to have them.  Window film can be used in place of stained glass to give the church the atmosphere it wants.  Traditional art can be used or modern art can be used.  Any picture or any graphics can be imprinted on the film and put on the glass at a fraction of the cost of stained glass. The picture can be on one side or both sides.  A picture can be made so that one can see through the glass on one side and have the picture on the other.  Logos and murals can be put up on any flat surface of the church.  Some churches are mixing new art with the more traditional art.  New technology is used to create whatever look the artist imagines.

Bible versus can be used to remind people of messages the church wants to emphasize.

Privacy can be added where it is needed in the church using Fasara frosted film.  So many looks can be achieved through the use of Fasara films. Computer aided design techniques are used to plot and cut the film.(solutions.3m.com)

Solar control window film will cut down on energy costs and if there would be film breakage  because of something like a weather event, the film would hold the glass shards together and prevent injuries.  The film cuts down on glare and protects furnishings from harmful UV rays.

Unfortunately, sometimes churches are targeted by vandals.  Anti-graffiti film can be placed on signage or windows to prevent vandals from ruining the sign or glass.  Safety and security film can be put on glass to prevent break-ins.  Because some of the time no one is in the church, the church may be a target for robberies or vandals.  The films give an extra layer of protection.

The window film is used in retrofitting situations as well as new construction.  It is easy to clean.

Our Solar Vision mission is to inspire a passion for and generate living and working environments that are comfortable, safe, energy efficient and innovative.  If you have any design needs, comfort, and/or security needs in your church, please call Solar Vision.  Our staff will work with you to meet your needs.



Exterior Prestige Window Film

Exterior Prestige Window Film is made using nanotechnology.  The film consists of over 200 thin layers and is the thickness of a piece of paper.  This technology allows the film to provide superior heat control and glare reduction while preserving exterior and interior window views.  The film contains no metals so it does not interfere with wireless signals.  It is used in areas that are difficult to film from the inside.  If there is furniture that is difficult to move or permanent fixtures that make it impossible or near impossible to put on a film from the inside, then Exterior Prestige Window Film is the solution. Exterior Prestige Window Film might also be used if there is a high likelihood of breakage of a particular type of glass. With the exterior film, the sun does not heat the glass. (solutions.3m.com) Exterior Prestige Window Film:

  • has a strong scratch resistant coating
  • not self-cleaning, but repels water
  • has virtually no chance of glass breakage
  • can be used on dual or triple pane glass
  • has high heat rejection with high visible light transmission
  • comes in Prestige 40, 70, and 90
  • reduces air conditioning costs

DICHROIC 3M Glass Finishes


Dichroic 3M glass finishes is a film that can be applied to glass or some plastics that show an array of color.  The color changes with the light that it is exposed to, the color of the surface it is applied to, and the angle it is viewed from.  This amazing film creates unique effects in whatever environment it is used in. (http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/architectural-markets/home/glass-finishes/dichroic/) Dichroic 3M glass finishes are mostly used in commercial buildings, but can also be used in a home for a unique effect.  The look can be obtained by purchasing dichroic glass, but using film is a much more cost effective solution.  The application of it is also much  less expensive than installing the glass.

Dichroic film  'plays' with light, reflecting and bouncing it to reveal a natural color spectrum.

Dichroic film is:

  • a visible color shift from both sides of the film-covered glass.
  • applicable for glass and many plastics.
  • available in warm and cool colors.
  • made of premium grade multi-layer polyester.
  • non-metallic, non-conductive and non-corrosive.


  • The Chill shift in cool tones-blue, magenta, yellow and  gold/blue color regions
  • The Blaze are in warm tones

    Chill-3M Dichroic Glass Finish

    Blaze 3M Dichroic Film

The film needs to be applied in an area where it will not receive abrasions.  A clear laminate protection is recommended.



Energy Savings with Window Film

Energy savings can be obtained with the use of window film.  Window film reduces the amount of heat that enters a room.  Less energy is required to cool the room.  In the winter, the film acts as an extra insulation on the window, reducing heating costs. LEED credits can be obtain by using window film.  The number of points that are obtained, depend on the amount of energy saved.

The goal of this credit is:  Achieve increasing levels of energy performance above the baseline in the prerequisite standard to reduce environmental and economic impacts associated with excessive energy use.  (www.3M.com/windowfilm)

There are 3 different methods for achieving this requirement.  Up to 10 credits can be obtained depending on the amount of energy savings. For specific information on the methods see the sustainable design information sheet in pdf form on the 3m web site:  multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/6636910/sustainable-design-information-sheet.pdf

Window film is a first tier technology that can have an approximate 3 year payback for buildings.  Window films are ranked in retro-fitted building envelopes as having the highest probability of success.  It ranks above replacement windows. Already existing materials are used decreasing the amount of waste. (https://promo.3m.com/assets/3MCAN/1202511082.pdf)

Window Film Reduces Light Pollution

Window film can aid in reducing light pollution.  In creating buildings that are environmentally and socially responsible, designers seek LEED credits.  LEED is a building certification program developed by the US Green Building Council. Credits are given for new building construction and major renovations. There are 9 possible points a building project can achieve through the use of window film.  One credit can be earned in the area of light pollution reduction. Light pollution is misused light or misdirected light.

 The light pollution creates:

  • Sky Glow which is a hazy glow over urban areas caused by light escaping into the night sky.
  • Glare shining into the eyes of pedestrians or drivers.
  • Light Trespass which is light shining into a neighboring buildings.
  • Light clutter such as in the area of Las Vegas casinos.

Light pollution effects all of us by:

  • Consuming valuable natural resources.  Hundreds of millions of coal and oil are used.
  • Polluting through the use of fossil fuels.
  • Disrupting nocturnal wildlife.  One example is the baby sea turtles in Florida who move toward the artificial light on the beach instead of the natural light of the moon's glow that leads them out to sea.
  • Affecting human health by disrupting circadian rhythms and melatonin production, depressing the immune system, and disrupting sleep patterns.
  • Destroying the enjoyment of the view of the starry night sky. (www.starrynightlight.com)

Window film is not the cure for all those things, but it can play a part.

The goal of the credit for Light Pollution Reduction is:

Minimize light trespass from the building and site, reduce  sky-glow to increase night sky access, improve nighttime visibility through glare reduction, and reduce development impact on nocturnal environments.

One way window film can meet this requirement is to reduce the amount of light passing through a window from the inside to the outside by up to 85% while minimizing the reflection from the interior lights. Even at night an amazing view can be maintained.  (multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/6636910/sustainable-design-information-sheet.pdf)

To see if a project qualifies for this credit most of the internal light has to fall within the building.  Luminosity measurements are taken outdoors with all the lights off and are compared to the measurements with all the lights on. The credit is achieved if the outdoor illumination level does not increase more than 10 % with the lights on.  Window films with lower visible light transmission ratings will greatly reduce the light trespass from the buildings.

Our Solar Vision representative can help you find the right film that can meet your needs for reducing light trespassing.




3M Fasara San Marino Film

3M Fasara Milky Milky (San Marino) Film SHMAMM (solutions.3m.com) was used on this restaurant in the newly renovated Union Station in downtown Denver.  San Marino film can add privacy or in this case a decorative accent.  The film on the glass gives just the right touch to add to the ambiance of the restaurant. 3M Fasara Glass Finishes come in 50+ designs.  Fasara provides the advantages of etched, sandblasted and textured glass at a fraction of the cost.  When styles change or occupants change, the film can be removed.  The window can remain plain or a new type of design can be applied to the window.  This can be done at a much smaller cost than replacing  windows.

Benefits Include:

  • Beauty of the glass is enhanced by transforming plain glass into the look of cut or textured glass.
  • The amount of privacy provided can be tailored to the clients needs.
  • The film is easily applied and is beautiful and durable.
  • The film is constructed of durable and flexible polyester.
  • The glass can be cleaned like any other window after 30 days.

    3M Fasara Milky Milky

Die-Cut Decorative Film


Solar Vision applies a lot of Die-Cut Decorative Film.  The film is applied in new construction sites as well as sites that are remodeled.  Most of the film we use is 3M Fasara Film.  The 3M Fasara is easy to work with and gives excellent results. Occasionally, we do apply other brands.  It all depends on the contractor, decorator, or owner.  Decorative film is used in place of etched or sandblasted glass because the expense is much less.  Also if styles change or a new company moves in the film can be professionally removed and replaced. Decorative Film Provides:

  • Privacy in offices or conference rooms.
  • Light from outside can still filter to other parts of the room.  People are more productive in natural light.
  • If their would be a natural or other physical event, the glass would be held together and there would not be flying shards of glass.
  • The decorative film creates a modern look and adds to the ambiance of the building
  • Consistent look throughout the building
  • Branding of company is established through out the area
  • Money savings
  • A creative environment is established which draws customers and increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

    Decorative Film at St. Anthony's

  • Decorative film application at St. Anthony's

Linen 3M Fasara Film


Linen  3M Fasara Film was applied to glass pieces and shipped to the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas.  The film has a texture of white coarsely woven linen.  Linen SH2FGLN gives a soft, natural look.  The film was applied to the glass and then covered with another sandwiching it in between the 2 pieces of glass.  This type of glass can be bought with real linen but is extremely costly.  The film gives the glass the same look. Linen Fasara Applied in Shop

The Linen Fasara Film is one of more than 50 types of Fasara Film.  It resembles Japanese Rice Paper.  The film combines eastern design and today's technology to create a tranquil and very classy modern look.  The Fabric Japanese Rice Paper family of 3M Window film has patterns with the look and feel of fabric or Japanese Rice Paper.  They have the look of etched, cut, textured or sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost. The film is used in most cases on glass already present.  Glass does not have to be removed and replaced with a custom glass.  They also give privacy and light still enters the room.  The films provide UV protection as well filtering out more than 99 percent of the UV Rays.

Decorator Uses:

  • Glass partitions
  • Window panes
  • Can be die cut
  • Can be used on whole glass partition or customized
  • Use limited only by imagination
  • Used as an interior film only

Linen Look Fasara was applied in the shop to be shipped

Fasara 3M Films should be installed by professionals.  When they are applied, they are Considered permanent solutions.  When designs needs change, they can be removed and replaced.

This decorative film offers:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Privacy or can hide places less attractive
  • Reduces fading from UV
  • Protects occupants from broken or flying glass
  • Is cost effective
  • Gives the working or living space an element of design and uniqueness

Visit with our Solar Vision specialists to let us help you bring your design vision to a reality.


Hallmark Stores Remodel Using Di-Noc

Hallmark stores remodel with Di-Noc.  Hallmark stores are a national account held by Solar Vision. Before remodeling the look was dark.  After it is light and updated.

Hallmark Before Remodel


Hallmark After Remodel

Di-Noc is an architectural finish that has many uses.  It takes the place of natural  and hi-tech finishes.  It  is considered to be a "Designer's Dream."  There are now over 700 different finishes.  Di-Noc reproduces wood, metal, marble, leather, stone, stucco and more.  If another surface is desired, it can be specially ordered.

The properties of Di-Noc include:

  • resistance to water, dirt, impacts, wear, abrasion and mold
  • no mess application-no dust, fumes, etc. resulting in no down time for workers
  • applied to flat and curved surfaces
  • easily cleaned
  • can be computer cut
  • flame retardant
  • some have antibacterial properties
  • architectural freedom and design

Di-Noc helps create green buildings by using materials that already exist and reuse them. ( http://multimedia.3m.com) Walls, desks, etc. can be reused creating less land fill and saving company resources.  It  is less expensive than replacing the covered areas. If Di-Noc is applied during off hours, the workers or customers leave and return to a place where the space with the Di-Noc has been transformed.  There is no dust to clean up and there are no fumes.  Di-Noc can be used in the interior or the exterior of a building.  This architectural finish is primarily used for commercial applications.  It also can be used by residential customers. Some Di-Noc is specified for use outdoor.  Some is specified for use in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Solar Vision does installations for clients with multiple buildings spread across the United States. The Hallmark stores are one of those clients. Doing business with us makes it easy to get the film you need installed and to have it be consistent throughout the US. Procuring through one company means: ⦁ Consistent quality and workmanship ⦁ Best pricing available ⦁ The same look can be achieved for each of your sites. ⦁ Communicate with one person ⦁ Time saving Solar Vision has a proven track record completing projects for Hallmark and Sports Authority stores throughout the states.


National Accounts


National Accounts across the United States have given our installers opportunities to see many things. In Philadelphia, they got to see the place that the movie "Rocky" made famous. They've been to Washington D.C. and drove down the Oregon coast from one job to the next. On a lonely road in Savannah, they came upon a crossroad with hundreds of cats. The cats were in trees and on the street everywhere. They have listened to the blues and country music in Virginia and Louisville. The song "I've Been Everywhere" by Geoff Mack and made popular by Johnny Cash seems appropriate to their experience. (They did travel by plane though.)

I've Been Everywhere by Geoff Mack I was totin' my pack along the dusty Winnemucca road, When along came a semi with a high an' canvas-covered load. "If you're goin' to Winnemucca, Mack, with me you can ride." And so I climbed into the cab and then I settled down inside. He asked me if I'd seen a road with so much dust and sand. And I said, "Listen, I've traveled every road in this here land!"

[Chorus:] I've been everywhere, man. I've been everywhere, man. Crossed the desert's bare, man. I've breathed the mountain air, man. Of travel I've had my share, man. I've been everywhere.

I've been to: Boston, Charleston, Dayton, Louisiana, Washington, Houston, Philadelphia, Portlandia, Louisville, Nashville, Knoxville, Minnesota, Glen Rock, Black Rock, Little Rock, Oskaloosa, Tennessee to Davenport, Spirit Lake, Grand Lake, Devils Lake, Salt Lake, for Pete's sake.

Solar Vision carries national accounts. The team travels all over the United States. Solar Vision does installations for clients with multiple buildings spread across the United States. Doing business with us makes it easy to get the film you need installed and to have it be consistent throughout the US. In situations where union membership is required, Solar Vision acquires local installers for the job. Solar Vision makes all the arrangements and still assures the quality of the work. This past month teams have been in New Hampshire and Daytona Beach, Florida. Procuring through one company means: ⦁ Consistent quality and workmanship ⦁ Best pricing available ⦁ The same look can be achieved for each of your sites. ⦁ Communicate with one person ⦁ Time saving Solar Vision has a proven track record completing projects for Hallmark and Sports Authority stores throughout the states.

Hallmark Store Remodeling Project with Architectural Film

Di-Noc Used at the Sports Authority Elite Store

Anti-Graffiti Film Protects Windows


Anti-Graffiti Film protects windows from permanent damage.  Urban centers all over the country are having difficulties with graffiti.  City officials, residents, and property owners are continually seeking solutions to the abatement of graffiti in their neighborhoods.  Anti-Graffiti window film have properties to decrease the harmful effects of graffiti.  Anti-Graffiti window film can be a less costly solution over window replacement. Cities, not only in the US but all over the world are having trouble with graffiti vandalism. When graffiti is visible, people are less likely to shop, eat, go to other venues in the area. People are concerned that if graffiti is allowed that other crimes may also be in the area. Gang activity is also a concern.  Residents and visitors do not feel safe.  Graffiti can be in rural or small town areas as well.

City leaders seek ways to combat this growing issue.  One way is to take down graffiti ASAP. Window film can help remove the graffiti quickly.  The tagger or gang member wants to be recognized and if it is not up long, they won't get the attention they seek.  Another way is to give graffiti artist a place to do and show their work.  This can work for the person who is trying to get artist recognition.  Denver recently has added more police presence downtown for reasons other than graffiti, but graffiti is a part of it. Some youth like to show their independence from authority or take their anger out on people through graffiti.  Schools could benefit from window film by putting window film on restroom mirrors and other glass surfaces.  Graffiti is a senseless crime that is very costly. The city of Denver spends over a million dollars a year on graffiti removal.  Larger cities spend even more.  Window film can't solve the graffiti issue, but can be used as one of many tools.

Advantages of  3M Anti Graffiti Window Film Include:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Protects glass from permanent damage
  • Gouge resistant
  • Easily removed and replace by professional
  • Used indoors or outdoors
  • Resists acid or etching tools
  • Can be cleaned as any other window surface
  • Anti-graffiti film is clear and distortion free
  • Has other benefits of window film such as 99% blocking of UV rays
  • Comes is two thicknesses for low risk and high risk areas
  • Backed by 3M warranties

Window replacement can cost up to twenty times the cost of window film. Window film is one of the many tools businesses and communities are using to combat the costly damage of graffiti.