Solar Vision News

AIA Conference at Keystone


Shelley and Heath, Solar Vision owners spent last weekend at a AIA Conference at Keystone.  They were able to talk to architects about Solar Vision's products and services.  It was a great weekend for Solar Vision, Inc. and 3M.  They were able to help the architects learn more about the many advantages of window film at the AIA Conference. Solar Vision is proud and excited to be a part of the massive development happening in Colorado right now.  There are many opportunities for growth in energy saving (green) window film and in decorative and artistic applications of film.

Colorado and Company


Shelley did a fantastic job talking about Solar Vision and 3M Window Film on Colorado and Company. Heath and Ben did the installation on the video and Lucinda did the sales. A special thanks to Lisa and Steve Strother who let us film in their home and to Lisa who was interviewed.Shelley demonstrated with a heat source in a box and glass with 3M Prestige window film applied, other window film, and glass with no film. She showed how well the 3M Prestige window film performs.

3M's 2014 Dealer of the Year Award


3M's 2014 Dealer of the Year Award for the Rocky Mountain and Northwest Region's was received by Solar Vision.  This is the 3rd year Solar Vision has received the award.  We also received it in 2011 and 2013. The award is based on sales. Heath and Shelley went to LA where they accepted the reward. Congratulations to all those associated with Solar Vision.

Solar Vision's TV Debut

Solar Vision's TV Debut will occur on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 10:00 A.M.  A video in the home of a Steve and Lisa Strother was made to appear on Colorado and Company. Heath, Ben, and Lucinda are on the video along with the home owner Lisa Strother.  Shelley will appear live on the show and be interviewed by the host.


Solar Vision Staff Maintains Healthy Lifestyles

In keeping with our theme of continuous improvement, the Solar Vision staff maintains healthy lifestyles.  The ladies of Solar Vision run marathons.  Their most recent conquest was the St. Patrick's Marathon this year in downtown Denver. The guys also work on healthy living by doing cross training in the morning before they begin their day.  Heath does mountain biking and the family does snowboarding and hiking.  They climb 14ers.  Addie has taken snowboarding lessons this year.

Addie Snowboarding

David rides his bike and I have gotten a new exercise machine though I must admit it is still in the box.

3 New 3M Films

3 new 3M films were announced at a webinar last Friday.  3M expects to introduce at least 10 new products over the next year. Two of the new products are value priced security films.  One has a matte finish.  It is priced for use on a large scale when prices need to be low.  It carries a 1 year warranty.  It is not as good as the Fasara film.  The Fasara is whiter and is easier to cut.  Also the Fasara leaves less residue when it is removed.  The new film is able to compete with the lower priced films though Fasara is always the more recommended product.  When pricing is an issue, this new film can meet a clients needs.  The other security film is a black-out film and again is value priced.  It is black on black and is glossy.  It is used on the interior of the glass. (

The third new 3M film is a mirrored film for a one-way mirror effect.  No mirrored film that makes a one-way mirror is completely mirror on one-side and see through on the other. It is impossible to make this. The effect is achieved by a combination of light and film.  The room on the mirror side must be brighter than in the room of the non-reflective side of the film.  When I was teaching, we had a one-way mirrored glass from the teachers office to the classroom to be able to record student behavior.  It was not film, but a special made glass for that purpose.  It was not as effective as it could have been because of the lack of understanding of how the lighting affected the way it worked.  When it was first installed, that might have been explained to the school staff but as time went on the information was not passed on to new staff.

These 3 new 3M films announced will be available March 1.


Flat Stanley Visits Solar Vision

IMG_60397868604773Flat Stanley visited Solar Vision this week from Lafayette, Tennessee.  Flat Stanley is an elementary school project.  An avatar of a student visits different places around the country. Pictures are taken of him. The students find out what life is like in that part of the country.  Flat Stanley visited Denver and one day he job shadowed the guys at Solar Vision.  He found that when they arrive they check the job board, gather the materials they need, and organize them in the truck.  Then they are off to the jobs.  Sometimes they have one big job and sometimes they go to different locations.  This particular day they applied film to a home, a small business, and a hospital.  



Solar Vision Shop


Most of our installations are done on site, but some are done in the Solar Vision Shop.  The shop is immaculately clean and organized to handle almost any job. This particular job was set up for an Architectural Concepts project. (  Architectural Concepts is a innovation solutions company.  They take whatever idea a designer, architect, developer, owner etc. has and makes it happen.  They are a manufacturers, distributors, and installers.  They complete the big part of the project down to the smallest detail.

In shop work


Solar Vision Shop Work

Operations Manager-Lucinda Costello


Lucinda Costello is Solar Vision's new operations manager.  Lucinda is our day-to-day organizational, logistical, and operational manager. She keeps Solar Vision Inc. on-time and ensures that we have all the 3M products ready and available to complete our customers' jobs.  When you call Solar Vision, she is most likely the person you will talk to. Prior to her Solar Vision career, Lucinda worked in many facets of warehouse and office management and sales.

Lucinda has lived all over the U.S. including San Francisco, Florida and Wyoming.  Her family settled in Colorado and she attended high school in Denver.  Her favorite vacation trip was to Thailand where she was able to experience a very different culture and beauty.

Aside from working full-time at Solar Vision Inc., Lucinda has a 2 year old to keep her busy.  She enjoys keeping a beautiful home for her husband, son, and step-daughter. Her tastes run on a traditional line and she likes to try new things.  Lucinda would like to try learning upholstery and she has mentioned learning to quilt as well.  She doesn't really enjoy cooking.  When she does it, she does it well.  Lucinda is a big fan of window film and has used and is planning to use the film on several projects in her home to add privacy and beauty as well as for sun and glare control.

Lucinda and her husband, Josh, volunteer working with the youth in their church.  They realize the importance of teens having an adult that they can connect with and for them to have an adult to be a positive influence in their lives.

Solar Vision is so fortunate to have Lucinda be part of their team.


Di-Noc Art Project


Solar Vision donated Di-Noc samples to an art project for children with disabilities.  The  art project was displayed in an art show in downtown Denver.  At the end of the show, the art piece was given to Solar Vision and is displayed in the Solar Vision office. Di-Noc Use

Di-Noc is an architectural finish that has many uses.  It takes the place of natural  and hi-tech finishes.  It  is considered to be a "Designer's Dream."  There are 500 different finishes.  Di-Noc reproduces wood, metal, marble, leather, stone and stucco.  If another surface is desired, it can be specially ordered.

The properties of Di-Noc include:

  • resistance to water, dirt, impacts, wear, abrasion and mold
  • no mess application-no dust, fumes, etc. resulting in no down time for workers
  • applied to flat and curved surfaces
  • easily cleaned
  • can be computer cut
  • flame retardant
  • some have antibacterial properties
  • architectural freedom and design

Di-Noc helps create green buildings by using materials that already exist and reuse them.  Walls, desks, etc. can be reused creating less land fill and saving company resources.  It  is less expensive than replacing the covered areas. If Di-Noc is applied during off hours.  The workers or customers leave and return to a place where the space with the Di-Noc has been transformed.  There is no dust to clean up and there are no fumes.  Di-Noc can be used in the interior or the exterior of a building.  This architectural finish is primarily used for commercial applications, but also can be used by residential customers.



Continuous Improvement

SV_logo_wp At Solar Vision's Annual Meeting, past successes were celebrated and plans  for future growth were made.  Solar Vision exceeded their goals this past year in window film sales.  The 3M Dealer of the Year was received for the Rocky Mountain and Northwest Regions.  Goals for the 2014 were discussed and shared with the Solar Vision team.

Goals for 2014 Include:

  • 20% increase in sales
  • Increase residential window film sales to 25% of total sales
  • Continue to educate the public on the benefits of window film in their energy management plans
  • Build efficient systems
  • Develop and improve marketing strategies

Continuous Improvement Seminar

In the afternoon, Brent Kube led a seminar on Continuous Improvement.  Brent is a small business consultant and a mechanical engineer for a large machinery manufacturer.  His expertise is in lean manufacturing which means that operations should be cost effective and efficient to make things run smoother and to ultimately be more profitable. This also means that Solar Vision is constantly aware of energy efficiency.

Continuous Improvement is based on making many small changes.  The ideas for improvement come from the workers.  All employees continually seek ways to improve their own performance.  Employees make suggestions on how things can run smoother and more efficiently.  When employees know that their ideas are valued, they take ownership in the company which makes workers highly motivated and satisfied with their job.  The end result is that everyone makes more money.

Brent Kube-Small Business Consultant

Brainstorming Session

As a part of the seminar, brainstorming  activities were carried out by Heath and Shelley.  Everyone seemed to have a clear vision of the future and strategies and systems are being put in place to meet our goals.  The Continuous Improvement business strategy is a good fit for Solar Vision because of our clear goals, respect in the workplace, environment management, and progressive view of business operation in the 21st Century.




2013 3M™ Dealer of the Year Northwest/Rocky Mountain Dealer of the Year Award


Heath and Shelley, owners of Solar Vision Inc,  traveled to Puerto Rico this spring to attend the 3M Conference.  At the conference, they received the 2013 Northwest/Rocky Mountain Dealer of the Year Award.  This is the second time they achieved the award.  They also got the award for 2011.  New goals and products were also announced at the conference.  Information on the products will be in a later post.  They had a great time in Puerto Rico experiencing the local flavor as well as the  traditional tourist attractions. .IMG_470337514633