What are Your Processes?

This New Year's Eve our family opted for a quiet movie marathon over crowds, and parties. We each chose 1 movie, and perused Amazon to decide what movies we'd watch. The 11 year old went with "School of Rock", an oldie but goodie that never disappoints. The husband rented "The Mountain Between Us". Perhaps he should of read a couple of reviews, because what we thought would be a harrowing disaster movie turned into a love story that made little sense. I decided to go with a free movie and stumbled across one I'd been meaning to see for many years, "Temple Grandin". We definitely saved the best for last! 

The movie got me thinking of a time our company, Solar Vision Inc., worked indirectly with Dr. Grandin at Colorado State University. We were asked by the Contractor to produce some window graphics for their newly remodeled Animal Sciences building. One of the graphics they asked for was one of Dr. Temple Grandin's cattle handling designs. When we were working on the graphic about 3 years ago, I'd heard of Temple Grandin but honestly did not fully understand the depth of the importance behind her work.  After watching the movie, and doing some internet research on Dr. Temple Grandin, I have a renewed respect for processes in life and in business. 

Dr. Temple Grandin at a relatively young age took a well-established process and made it much better. Her process for cattle handling in the beef industry changed the way we process food, by making it more efficient and humane. What if she didn't have autism, would that process have ever been developed? What if she'd taken "no" for an answer? She was different, she was female, what did she know? 

Think of all the times you might have dismissed an idea, or process that could make your business or life better because maybe the person suggesting the idea didn't know anything about your trade, or they were too young, or just didn't see things the way you did. Have you missed an important opportunity? 

Processes are what can make or break a business or industry. If something isn't working in your business process, can you fix it? If not, can you put your ego aside and let someone else have a look? 

I thoroughly enjoyed "Temple Grandin", and I've enjoyed learning more about her afterword. The Business Owner in me found myself focusing on the processes and efficiency of what her mind created, however the human in me found myself intrigued with what the mind is capable of, and how sometimes to easily we dismiss people who don't fit our mold, or make us uncomfortable. Without the beautiful minds of individuals on the autism spectrum, I can only imagine a world with less innovation, technology, and creativity. 

As the daughter of someone who works with special needs children, I assumed that I had a good understanding of the subject. However I was very wrong! Watching the movie helped me better understand how someone with a different mind from me sees the world. It's rare that a movie can be enlightening, educational, and pull on your heart strings at the same time. If you have some free time, I highly encourage watching "Temple Grandin". 

Temple Grandin window graphic on display at the CSU Animal Sciences Building. 

Temple Grandin window graphic on display at the CSU Animal Sciences Building. 

Window Film and Water

Most windows films are applied using a solution of soap and water. The adhesives of window film are on the film. To activate the adhesives they need to be completely soaked with water, making water one of the most important aspects of a good window film installation, well that, and a great Installer.

Because water is so important, Solar Vision Inc. has decided to partner with Culligan Water to ensure we are only using the best water on the market for our window film installations. Our in-shop water filtration system uses reverse osmosis, and softening to ensure the cleanest install possible. 

Water can be different all over town depending on the city you live in. Some cities have very hard water which can leave a haze on your glass, and make the install very difficult, by using purified Culligan water straight from our shop, our installs are consistent, no matter what part of Colorado you are from. 

A good film install starts with a great Installer, the best window film on the market, and Culligan Water. 

A good film install starts with a great Installer, the best window film on the market, and Culligan Water. 

This little co-branded contraption is a pressurized water tank used for installing window film. 

This little co-branded contraption is a pressurized water tank used for installing window film. 

This glass is ready for pick up!

Sometimes it just makes more sense for Glaziers to have their glass dropped off so that we can do the film install in our shop. This allows our Installers to control the elements like dust and dirt, while working more efficiently and quickly, which in turn saves our customers $$$. 

The film product featured below is 3M's Black Electrocut. This film is a great solution for hiding walls, and building interiors you do not want viewable from outside. 

Solar Vision Inc. Installer Josh is just finishing up this 3M Black Electrocut Install. 

Solar Vision Inc. Installer Josh is just finishing up this 3M Black Electrocut Install. 

Custom glass racks make it easier, and safer for us to transport the glass to your trucks. 

Custom glass racks make it easier, and safer for us to transport the glass to your trucks. 

Ooh La La...New Fasara Book, and New Fasara Films!

Attention Designers and Architects! They're finally here! New 3M Fasara books, with new designs. Call us 303-862-6376 or email us info@coloradosolarvision.com for a copy and start specifying over 30 new Fasara Window Film Products. My personal favorite is the new Fasara Decorative Film Walnut series. 

They'll go fast, be sure your library is updated with the most current products. 


New 2017 Fasara 3M Glass Finishes Sample Book.

New 2017 Fasara 3M Glass Finishes Sample Book.

Over 30 new 3M Glass Finishes Films!

Over 30 new 3M Glass Finishes Films!

Loving this new Frost Walnut series, especially Smoke. 

Loving this new Frost Walnut series, especially Smoke. 

3M Daylight Redirecting Film

Imagine using a free resource to light your home or building? Well now you can using 3M Daylight Redirecting Film! Clerestory glass and other high up windows can cause a lot of heat and glare, which results in a nuisance below.  You can reduce the glare by using a typical solar control film, however, if you want to make the most use of your free natural resource you can use 3M Daylight Redirecting Film instead.

3M Daylight Redirecting Film takes the sunlight and guides it to the center of the room, instead of straight down. 

Below is an example of 3M Daylight Redirecting Film at work from start to finish. The pictures were taken at a local Denver bank. The lobby has a beautiful tower with large windows to allow in natural light. Unfortunately that light was causing a lot of glare issues in the lobby for the customers and employees below. After completion the light is now where it should be....up above!! 

Visit our DRF page for more info on this awesome new product by 3M! http://www.coloradosolarvision.com/3m-daylight-redirect/

This is a great photo to highlight what was happening with the light before 3M Daylight Redirecting Film was applied. This was still early in the day, so you can imagine where the sun glare ended up in the afternoon. In the eyes of everyone below! 

This is a great photo to highlight what was happening with the light before 3M Daylight Redirecting Film was applied. This was still early in the day, so you can imagine where the sun glare ended up in the afternoon. In the eyes of everyone below! 

These high windows required a scissor lift for the application of 3M Daylight Redirecting Film! This photo highlights the soothing frosted appearance of 3M Daylight Redirecting Film. 

These high windows required a scissor lift for the application of 3M Daylight Redirecting Film! This photo highlights the soothing frosted appearance of 3M Daylight Redirecting Film. 

Here's a partial application of 3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film. As you can see the windows on the right are receiving the most sun during this photo, and the light is directed up. 

Here's a partial application of 3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film. As you can see the windows on the right are receiving the most sun during this photo, and the light is directed up. 

Here's an unaltered photo of the completed look. The 3M Daylight Redirecting Film has stopped the glare and downward direction of the sun's rays. Now the light is directed to the center of this tower allowing a beautiful glow to illuminate the lobby area of this bank.

Here's an unaltered photo of the completed look. The 3M Daylight Redirecting Film has stopped the glare and downward direction of the sun's rays. Now the light is directed to the center of this tower allowing a beautiful glow to illuminate the lobby area of this bank.

Security Window Film...What you need to know.

While Security Window Film may seem like a new invention, it's actually been around for a long time, over 40 years! Safety and Security Window Film may not be new, but it has come a long way, and new features like the Attachment System have been recommended to increase its performance.

If you've landed on this BLOG, you're probably a bit interested in the product, and you've probably watched footage of security window film being put to the test on YouTube, and other sites. While these videos do give us a good idea of how Security Window Film performs, they can also be a bit confusing.

Let's start with answering the question, just what it is Security Window Film?

  • Security Window Film is a thick piece of window film ranging from 4 mil - 18 mil's (a mil is a thousandth of an inch) in thickness. Some of these films are developed using a cross woven process of the polyester material (I'm sure that was confusing). Long story short, an 8 mil cross woven film may provide as much protection as a 14 mil security film that isn't cross woven.  Check with the window film manufacturer or a reputable window film dealer to better understand what type of Security Window Film will work best for you.

Regardless of the mil, security film is designed to hold the glass in place should it break. Holding the glass fragments together can reduce injury, as well as deter potential intruders by making the glass more resistant.

Another important component of any Security Window Film system is the addition or lack thereof, of the Attachment System. Any video you've watched online most likely has an Attachment System applied along with the Security Window Film.

So just what is this attachment system?

  • The Attachment System is typically a silicone bead, much like you see on the frame of commercial glass, applied after the installation of the Security Window Film, the Attachment System bonds the Security Window Film to the frame of the glass, giving you the highest level of security. In some instances Security Window Film, and an Attachment System are strong enough to withstand a bomb blast!

So what if you're not concerned with a bomb, why do YOU need to consider the Attachment System? Think of it this way, many times the most trouble free windows for an intruder are typically ones like your sliding glass door, or the front entrance to a store. That is because tempered glass (safety glass) is used on these areas. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into thousands of pieces once broken to prevent large shards of glass from injuring someone. Making these windows pretty easy to break out.

Let's say you put Security Window Film on tempered glass without an Attachment System. The Security Window Film will hold the glass together, leaving the intruder to push the glass out in one piece. You may have just help the intruder not get cut while he’s breaking in. If the attachment were to be added, that film is anchored to the frame, making it very difficult to penetrate.

If you add the Attachment System, does that mean your glass in impenetrable?

  • Well, no. Like most security products, security film is a deterrent. It is not 100% foolproof. However it can turn a couple of seconds to respond, to over a minute, allowing you time to protect yourself, and additional time for authorities to respond to a security alarm, or 911 call.

The most FAQ window film dealers get is: Is it bullet proof?

  • The answer is no. Security window film is not bullet proof, and be leery of anyone that says it is. There are some films that claim to be bullet proof. Maybe they are, just do your research on these products, and make sure they're 3rd party tested. And while most Security Window Films are not bullet proof, they are designed to hold the glass together. This will give you some extra time to respond or find safety should someone shoot at your glass.

Another important question is cost. About how much does a Security Window Film install cost?

  • Price can vary depending on where you live, the brand of security film you are purchasing, and the company you are hiring for your film and installation. A professional Security Window Film installation will probably run you between $10-$15 per square foot installed. The Attachment System will be in addition, and is charged per linear foot. Many times the Attachment System can be as much as the film, this is due to the labor and skill required for the application. Be sure to work with a reputable experienced window film company when purchasing security film, you'll get what you pay for!

A professional estimate is typically required as Security Window Film installations are not all the same. The application and type of security window film will be determined by your windows and frames. The Attachment System won't work in every scenario, and may have a high potential of turning out ugly, think Wood Framed French pane windows, not a good look with the Attachment System. Always work with a credible window film dealer that works alongside a credible window film manufacturer like 3M, to ensure you are having your film applied to the manufacturers recommendations by a Professional Window Film Installer.

Also, Window Film Dealers may be experts in our field of window film, however we are not “security” experts. Consult with a security expert if you need assistance deciding which windows in your home or building need Security Window Film the most.  



Home Window Tinting

It's that time of year again, it's starting to warm up, and the sun is staying out longer. There are many reasons to have film added to your homes windows, but the number one concern we hear from our customers is heat. In spite of our best efforts…air conditioning, blinds, curtains, it still might not be enough! This is where home window tinting can help.

Home window tinting can lower your overall utility cost by blocking up to 50% of the heat entering through your homes windows, and since the film is absorbing that heat you can leave the blinds open longer. Think about it, why have windows in the first place if the blinds are closed, and the curtains are drawn all day, we might as well build windowless homes. That'd be super-efficient, but not very attractive. Adding a 3M solar control window film to your homes windows will allow you to open the curtains and enjoy your natural light and views again.

Other benefits of home window tinting are less fading, and less glare. We spend so much time choosing furniture, flooring, and window coverings, it would be a shame to allow all of those costly items to deteriorate quickly. Adding a 3M solar control window film to your homes windows will drastically slow down the fading and damage caused by UV Rays. Think of what the sun’s rays can do to your skin? They cause the same damage to your home and furnishings, only much quicker.

Home window tinting can also drastically reduce the glare in your home. If you have glare issues and trouble seeing your computer screen, or worse yet your television, our 3M solar control window films can help with that too.

There are many reason to add 3M window film to your home. It's a no brainer, call Solar Vision Inc. 303-862-6376 today for a free estimate, and learn how you can cool off your home, protect your furniture, and reduce glare.


3M Prestige 50 window film application in Morrison, CO.

3M Prestige 50 window film application in Morrison, CO.

We're Hiring! Office Assitant Position Available

Solar Vision Inc. is one of Colorado’s leading window film dealers, and 3M’s #1 Window Film Dealer in the state. We are looking to add a professional, motivated, and resourceful person to our team! The right candidate is a self-starter with good communication, and customer service skills.

Along with hourly pay, Solar Vision Inc. offers some of the best benefits in the window film industry including paid time off, holiday pay, 401K, and medical benefits.

Job Purpose:

Assist in the daily operations for Solar Vision Inc. including job scheduling, inventory management, facility organization, and etc.

Pay: $13-$15 per hour, we will train the right candidate

Location: 6025 E. 76th Ave, Unit H

Commerce City, CO 80022

Reports To: Office Manager


  •    Answer company phone calls, and reply to company emails.
  •  Act as consultant to customers regarding window film products and services.
  •  Order and organize window film, samples, and other supplies from distributer.
  •  Fill out and complete basic warranty and invoice forms.
  •  Collect payment from customers.
  •  Handle customer inquiries and deliver excellent customer service.
  •  Coordinate and ensure cleanliness and organizational proficiency of Solar Vision Inc. office and warehouse facility.
  •  Act as assistant to Solar Vision Inc. Owners, and Office Manager
  •  Follow up with clients via email, phone, and thank you notes
  •  Inventory window film, and other installation and office supplies
  •  Receive glass, and freight
  •  Quote small jobs over the phone, and make site visits when necessary
  •  Prepare paperwork, and job details for daily window film installations


  •  1-3 years of office/warehouse assistant experience preferable
  •  Proficient with Microsoft Office and all of its programs
  •  Ability to multitask
  •  Must need little supervision.
  •  Must be a self-starter.
  •  Must have great communication skills
  •  Must be able to lift 20 pounds
  •  Must have valid driver’s license and vehicle

Education: High School or Equivalent

Please email your resume to info@coloradosolarvision.com

3M™ Dusted Crystal

You probably didn't noticed but 3M™'s Dusted Crystal Window Film is all over town as it's one of the most versatile window films on the market. Using 3M™ Dusted Crystal alone can give your windows an etched look for a fraction of the cost of sand blasted glass, but aside from that, did you know you can print, and custom cut 3M™ Dusted Crystal too?

Call Solar Vision Inc. today @ 303-862-6376 if you're looking to upgrade and customize your glass using 3M™ Dusted Crystal Window Film, or any of our 3M™ Window Film products.

Custom Design using 3M™ Dusted Crystal

Custom Design using 3M™ Dusted Crystal

Denver Skyline printed on 3M™ Dusted Crystal

Denver Skyline printed on 3M™ Dusted Crystal

White Out Window Film


White Out Window Film can be used instead of Black Out Window Film to completely block out the view.  The film does let in some light.  In this case the film is used to block a door that is no longer used as an entrance.  The white would still be an attractive backdrop for displays and would help gain product display area.  The white out also eliminates glare in the space.  In homes, this film is often used in door sidelights. White Out Window Film was used at Kirkland's

White Out Window Film:

  • Blocks 99% of vision
  • Let's in some light
  • Reduces glare and fading of furnishings
  • Rejects 99% of UV rays
  • Is easy to clean like any other window after 30 days
  • Is attractive
  • Adds privacy

New Technology in Window Film

New technology in window film makes for a bright future in the business of window film.  Presently, energy saving films and decorative films are hot and that market is continuing to grow as well as new advancements in these films.  Four films have been developed and their use is becoming more present in buildings.  By 2020, it is predicted that these films will be used on a large scale.  (www.technicalwindowfilms.co.uk/window-tinting-news/future-window-films/) The four films are:

  • Photochromic film which darkens when exposed to light like transition eyeglasses.
  • Smart glass or electrochromatic changes from a clear glass to a frosted glass or a colored glass with an electrical current.  The current is controlled by a switch, a computer, or even a cell phone.  This can add privacy to an office, conference room, etc.  Another example is film applied in a lobby that is controlled by a computer to change to a darker film when the light is bright and then lighter or clear when it gets dark.
  • Photovoltaic film converts daylight into electricity.
  • Daylighting or Daylight redirecting film allows more light in at the top of the glass and directs it into the room reducing the need for electric lighting.  Presently, a metal shelf can be used for this, but the film is much more attractive and easy to clean.

Solar Vision, Inc is keeping well informed about these new technologies to bring its customers the best available product.

AIA Conference at Keystone


Shelley and Heath, Solar Vision owners spent last weekend at a AIA Conference at Keystone.  They were able to talk to architects about Solar Vision's products and services.  It was a great weekend for Solar Vision, Inc. and 3M.  They were able to help the architects learn more about the many advantages of window film at the AIA Conference. Solar Vision is proud and excited to be a part of the massive development happening in Colorado right now.  There are many opportunities for growth in energy saving (green) window film and in decorative and artistic applications of film.

Light Pollution in the Mountains


Window Film can reduce light pollution in the Mountains.  Excessive light in rural and mountain areas have far ranging affects on flora and fauna as well as animals, reptiles, insects and birds.  According to Winslow Briggs's book, Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting, exposure to artificial light can prevent trees from adjusting to seasonal changes.  This affects the wildlife that use the trees as their natural habitat.  Light confuses birds in their migratory habits.  Frogs stop calling their mates.  Some animals will stay hidden longer and that reduces the time they have to hunt for food.  There are many studies that prove the affects of light pollution. (www.nationalgeographic.com) Though light pollution in the mountains may affect the environment, it is also the easiest one to solve.  All that needs to be done is be aware of it and do things to turn off and/or turn down the light that is being put out by our living spaces.

More and more people are moving to the mountains, because they love being in nature and because of the spectacular views.  One might think, one home on the side of the mountain won't  harm anything.  Flood lights or lights left on all night may be on to show the beauty of the home or because one feels safer if they can see outside, but these lights may disturb wildlife.  Homes are also being built with lots of glass, because of the views and trends in architecture. This extra light also affects the natural environment.

Some solutions are:

  • Don't have on more light at night than you need.
  • Window film on the windows can reduce the light from the windows by 45%-50%
  • Put other coverings on windows as well, i.e. shades, drapes, etc.
  • Use low wattage lighting outside
  • Have motion sensor lighting outside
  • Have shades that slope down on outside lighting

Solar Vision's experts will help you choose the film that will emit the least amount of light and still meet your needs for enhanced beauty, energy savings, safety, and protection from UV rays.

Window Film Reduces Light Pollution

Window film can reduce light pollution.  Depending on the type of film, Visual Light Transmittance can be reduced by 45%-50%. According to Global Trends and Implications for Downtown Denver, a paper prepared by Progressive Urban Management Associates in 2006, 3 billion people lived in cities and by 2050 6 billion people will be living in cities.  The implications for energy consumption, transportation, food, and environmental protection caused by this rapid urban expansion makes the need for sustainability  critical.

The management of artificial light is one of the many areas urban planners must prepare for.

Light pollution causes:

  • Sky glow which is the light surrounding the urban skies is caused by over illumination of commercial spaces and poorly planned street and building lights. The stars are difficult to see in urban areas.
  • Light trespass is the light from a building shining into another building.  It may be difficult to sleep in an apartment building next to a building that has a lot of light during the night.
  • Endangerment to wildlife who are confused by the light.  Nocturnal animals do not hunt or mate as they are meant to.  More animals are in danger of becoming extinct.
  • Human health is being affected.  Vision, headaches, hypertension, and an increased chance of developing cancer are some of the health issues.  Sleep is disrupted by the light and melatonin is decreased. (physics.fau.edu/observatory/lightpol-environment.html)

There are things that city planners and all of us can do to decrease light pollution.  One of them is to apply window tint to windows that meets 45% inside to outside visible light transmittance and/or use window treatments.  On a beach in Florida, new construction is required to put in windows that meet the 45% requirement because sea turtles are confused by the light and go inland instead of going out to sea.  People that already have homes are helping to save the turtles by retrofitting their windows with window film to meet the requirement. (Thisbigcity.net)

Window film meets LEED Certification requirements in this area and is worth 1 point toward building certification.

Credit 7:  Light Pollution Reduction (1 point)

Intent: Eliminate light trespass from the building and site, improve night sky access and reduce development impact on nocturnal environment.

Denver is a city that is at the forefront of working to make sustainable urban environments.  Denver is also experiencing rapid urban growth.  The challenges in keeping up with all the facets of urban growth is being met by our city leaders and urban planners with great care.


Anti-Spy Window Film

Anti-Spy window film is blocks wifi and cell phone signals.  It is made up of aluminum and titanium sputter coated polyester in several layers. It has a scratch resistant coating.  According to the Standard Test Method for Measuring the Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Planar Materials, it is 90-99% effective.  Natural light still enters the room. Businesses that have a lot of glass and use wireless devices are susceptible to being targeted by people who know how to get into their systems.

Anti-Spy window film can:

  • Help prevent credit card fraud
  • Eliminate the outside use of wireless internet connections
  • Prevent corporate espionage
  • Help stop eavesdropping by hackers
  • Reduce the signal signature of a building

Wifi signals can go through walls, but most go through windows.  Architectural trends show that more and bigger windows are being put in offices all the time.  Along with that, the use of wireless signals has also increased and will continue to do so.  These things combined increase security risks.  Reflective window film reduces leakage.

To increase its effectiveness a metal strip can be placed around the gap between the film and the window frame.  No window film application can be done with no gap between the film and the frame though the gap is small.  1/8 inch is an acceptable application.

Solar Vision is experienced in applying this type of window film.



Trends in Commercial Architecture

Trends in commercial architecture include lots of glass. Glass walls are bigger than ever.  Glass walls create lots of opportunities to use natural light and open spaces.  Along with these glass walls, come new innovative uses in design using 3M Fasara frosted and decorative window films.  These films allow in light while adding just the amount of privacy wanted by the inhabitants.  The design elements are limited only by the imagination. (solutions.3m.com) Not only does the decorative films allow light and beauty in these spaces, they also add safety.  The film lets someone know the glass is there and will not be walked into.  In case a window is broken the fragments will hold together.

The glass with film is easy to care for.  It can be cleaned as any other glass after 30 days.  A plus is that finger prints do not readily show.


Frost Film Used for Privacy

Frost film used for privacy on these windows.  Sometimes blackout film is an option.  The frost film lets in natural light while the blackout film blocks all of the light.  These pictures show how the film looks from the inside and from the outside.  The client was very pleased  with the result.

Solar Control for Apartment Living


Solar Control for apartment living can be achieved through the use of a variety of solar control window films.  I have seen a number of apartments that get a lot of sun have all kinds of things in their windows to make it more comfortable.  I've seen cardboard, newspaper, sheets, and even a mattress.  Rental  property owners may ignore this or pose fines, but ultimately it affects the value of the property.  Solar control window films can greatly reduce the amount of sun and glare coming into a room.  Because it eliminates 99% of the UV rays, furnishings are not damaged.  It has the added protection of reducing the risk of skin cancer. Apartments usually are fitted with single layered glass.  Applying window film will give the window the effect of being double layered glass.  This would result in energy savings.  If a rental property company is energy conscious, it could advertise as making these changes to help save energy.  Solar control window film is especially valuable in those areas that get direct sunlight especially in the loft apartments on the top floors.

Window film is an relatively inexpensive way to make apartment living more comfortable.  Window film is easy to clean.  It is cleaned as any other window after 30 days.

Solar Control Window Film Applied to Apartment Building