Colorado 2nd Place in LEED Certification

The state of Colorado achieved 2nd place in LEED Certification.  Congratulations, Colorado!  A new report by the US Green Building Council reported recently the top ten states with the highest ratings.  The rating system calculates the square feet of the space that is LEED certified and divides it by the number of residents that live in the state.  The measurement is a way to indicate how states are moving toward green building. Illinois was rated number 1 gaining a score of 3.3.  Colorado received a rating of 3.2.  Illinois and Colorado are the only 2 states that have been in the top 10 over the past 5 years.  This type of measurement began by the US Green Building Council 5 years ago.  If it were a state, the District of Columbia far surpasses the ratings of any of the states. (

LEED is used throughout the world to evaluate green building systems.  The top rating is a Platinum rating. There is also a Gold rating.  A Silver rating has recently been included so that more buildings can be rated at a lower cost.  LEED certified buildings use less energy and water, reduce carbon emissions, save money, and create a healthier environment.  There are a lot of things that builders have to do to acquire points for this ratings. This information is available on the USGBC website.

A few of the buildings in Denver which have received a platinum rating are:  1800 Larimer, NREL Research Support Facilities, Signature Centre, and Williams Village at the University of Colorado.  A list is available on the web.