Continuous Improvement

SV_logo_wp At Solar Vision's Annual Meeting, past successes were celebrated and plans  for future growth were made.  Solar Vision exceeded their goals this past year in window film sales.  The 3M Dealer of the Year was received for the Rocky Mountain and Northwest Regions.  Goals for the 2014 were discussed and shared with the Solar Vision team.

Goals for 2014 Include:

  • 20% increase in sales
  • Increase residential window film sales to 25% of total sales
  • Continue to educate the public on the benefits of window film in their energy management plans
  • Build efficient systems
  • Develop and improve marketing strategies

Continuous Improvement Seminar

In the afternoon, Brent Kube led a seminar on Continuous Improvement.  Brent is a small business consultant and a mechanical engineer for a large machinery manufacturer.  His expertise is in lean manufacturing which means that operations should be cost effective and efficient to make things run smoother and to ultimately be more profitable. This also means that Solar Vision is constantly aware of energy efficiency.

Continuous Improvement is based on making many small changes.  The ideas for improvement come from the workers.  All employees continually seek ways to improve their own performance.  Employees make suggestions on how things can run smoother and more efficiently.  When employees know that their ideas are valued, they take ownership in the company which makes workers highly motivated and satisfied with their job.  The end result is that everyone makes more money.

Brent Kube-Small Business Consultant

Brainstorming Session

As a part of the seminar, brainstorming  activities were carried out by Heath and Shelley.  Everyone seemed to have a clear vision of the future and strategies and systems are being put in place to meet our goals.  The Continuous Improvement business strategy is a good fit for Solar Vision because of our clear goals, respect in the workplace, environment management, and progressive view of business operation in the 21st Century.